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Top Down Medicine

“The body is a puppet of the mind,” says an old Chinese medicine proverb.  I think that they got it right when they came up with this little ditty a couple thousand years ago.    To great degree, being healthy, or being sick is dependent on the choices that we make in our daily lives.   Yes, there are people who are “born behind the eight ball.  There are also people that we know who just have bad karma.  I had a patient recently who was driving along a tree feel on his car. Luckily he survived the accident with the help of some amazing first responders, doctors, nurses, and an amazing loving family.

However, for most of us our health status boils down to issues such as what we choose to put in our mouths; the degree to which we exercise; the emphasis that we place on sleep; stress reduction; and attention to relationships with friends and family.  All of these are conscious decisions that add up to “lifestyle medicine.”  It may seem low tech and old fashioned to talk about these things in this day and age of high-tech medicine.  However, there is no pill on earth that can match the healing power of mindful attention to the fundamentals of wellness.



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