Don’t Suffer Needlessly

This patient first came to McMinn Clinic several years ago experiencing issues and challenges that many women face including migraines, low energy, brain fog, joint aches, irregular and painful menstrual cycle, PMS,  and night sweats.  She was unable to exercise because of the pain in her joints, and this had resulted in significant weight gain.  … Continued


By Dr. James E. McMinn I had a lady in last week who has been on the hormones for a while. When she first came in to see me she had all of the usual concerns including terrible hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, low libido, vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and … Continued

Good Health Starts in the Gut

After seeing various gastric doctors over a five-year period and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, then later diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, this patient had three major inflammatory episodes during the first seven months of 2014.  One resulted in a seven-day hospital stay and another resulted in a 20 pound weight loss within a month’s time. … Continued

Who is The Captain of Your Ship?

By James E. McMinn, M.D. ER Doctor:  What medications are you on Mrs. Jones? Patient:  I’m taking a blue pill, a red pill, and a yellow pill. ER Doctor:  What is the name of these pills? Patient:  I don’t know. ER Doctor:  What are you taking them for? Patient:  I don’t know, my doctor just … Continued

Getting Your Life Back-The Scourge of Drug Addiction

Getting Your Life Back-The Scourge of Drug Addiction  As a physician for many years, I have had the privilege of caring for many thousands of patients.   However, there are a few that stand out, and whom I will never forget.   One of those was a distraught mom who came in with unbearable sadness and anxiety … Continued