Don’t Suffer Needlessly

This patient first came to McMinn Clinic several years ago experiencing issues and challenges that many women face including migraines, low energy, brain fog, joint aches, irregular and painful menstrual cycle, PMS,  and night sweats.  She was unable to exercise because of the pain in her joints, and this had resulted in significant weight gain.  These issues were affecting her ability to function at work, and she was not able to be the mom that she wanted to be to her young children.

 Dr. McMinn worked with the patient to evaluate and balance her hormones.  Now, the patient indicates that her headaches and night sweats have stopped, her brain fog and PMS have subsided, her menstrual cycles have regulated, and she is excited with her newfound, boundless energy.

 Because her joint pain is gone, she is now exercising regularly and is pleased with the 30 pounds she has lost.  She says that she is back at 100%.  She feels that she is approaching perfection in mind, body, and spirit.

Although he hears similar stories daily, Dr. McMinn never tires of listening to the life-changing successes his patients are experiencing. Many women suffer needlessly.  With proper attention, many women can get complete relief from their symptoms.  They can get their lives back and once again fully enjoy their families, their lives, and each new day.

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