Good Health Starts in the Gut

After seeing various gastric doctors over a five-year period and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, then later diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, this patient had three major inflammatory episodes during the first seven months of 2014.  One resulted in a seven-day hospital stay and another resulted in a 20 pound weight loss within a month’s time. The conventional medication he had taken for four years was no longer effective in addressing the intense pain, ongoing bloody diarrhea, and other symptoms that often left him unable to work or even leave home.

Understanding that there was no cure in conventional medicine, this patient came to see Dr. McMinn in August, 2014.  By focusing on the concept of functional medicine to identify the root cause of the pain and diarrhea, and by using integrative medical techniques, Dr. McMinn worked with the patient to heal his gut by changing his gut flora.  Addressing the root cause of the patient’s medical issue not only relieved his pain and other challenging symptoms, but, by creating a healthy gut, also alleviated many of his food allergies, as well as enabling him to absorb needed supplements.  The integrative treatment included changes in diet, as well as supplements, nutritional IV treatments, and an anti-inflammatory drink to heal the lining of the gut.  According to the patient, he has had no inflammatory episodes in the seven months since he has been seeing Dr. McMinn.  “I use to take supplements, but didn’t absorb them.  Now I absorb the supplements I take. ”

The patient has been quite pleased with his results.  “Before, I was so drugged-out, I could hardly go.  I had it bad.  It was horrible.  It’s much better now.  I am very pleased with what we have accomplished.  I am very pleased with Dr. McMinn.  I like how he thinks about things and how he treats his patients.”

Do you or someone you know deal with gut health issues?  Come see Dr. McMinn and get your personalized gut health program.

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