Get Your Mojo Back with Dr. Mac

 By Dr. McMinn

I saw a 70 year old gentleman yesterday.  He first came to see me a couple of years ago. He had started to feel that life was slipping away from him. He had no energy, decreasing cognitive function, no life drive, no sex drive, and was somewhat depressed.  We got him on the “get your mojo back with Dr. Mac” program, and now he’s doing great. He is exercising again, eating better, and sleeping great.  His energy is back, his life drive is back, and he and his wife of 40 years are like newlyweds again.

He is a great example of the basic principles of integrative medicine, functional medicine, and optimization.

-Integrative medicine- we used a combination of traditional and alternative therapies.

-Functional medicine- we got to the root cause of his problems. We didn’t just treat the              symptoms with drugs.

-Optimization- He didn’t have a “disease.”  He just felt awful, and had no hope of ever             getting better. We got him “optimized” and now he has a much better quality of life.

Our goal is to help every patient be the best that he or she can be at every stage of life.


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  1. Joan Hodges says:

    I am scheduled to have “Lifeline Screening” in June and look forward to seeing whether my arteries are healthy or not. This put me to thinking of chelation therapy, which I had tried over 16 years ago. I was pleased with the results, but the clinic near me closed.
    After I get the results of the screening, I would like to see Dr. McMinn and have my options analyzed if it shows problems. Does your clinic offer chelation therapy?

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