Lab Specimen Collection FAQs

The most common NeuroScience test kit from the McMinn Clinic is the 9128 NeuroAdrenal Expanded. The parameters included in this test are Cortisol, Creatinine, DHEA, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine, DOPAC, Serotonin, 5-HIAA, Glycine, Taurine, GABA, Glutamate, PEA and Histamine.

You will be asked to collect 4 saliva specimens and 1 urine specimen throughout the course of one day.
SALIVA COLLECTION: Collect your first saliva specimen one hour after getting out of bed for the day. For most people, this is close to 7 a.m. with the remaining specimens collected at 11:00 a.m., 5 p.m and 10 p.m. Your times should be adjusted to fit your schedule. Avoid brushing teeth, chewing gum or consuming food or liquid (except for water) for 60 minutes prior to saliva collection. You should rinse your mouth with cold water 5 minutes prior to collection. Collect saliva until the tube is 3/4 full of liquid. Write your name, time and date then circle saliva on the specimen label then place in the freezer. Repeat the steps for each collection. Specimens need to be stored overnight. FREEZE until shipment. Ship the next morning. No ice pack is necessary. Specimens are stable during the shipping process.

URINE COLLECTION: Twelve hours prior to collecting your urine specimen: Do not eat. You may drink plain water until bedtime. The morning of urine specimen collection: Do not eat; Do not drink any liquids; avoid tobacco and exercise. DO NOT COLLECT THE FIRST MORNING URINE. Specimens should be collected 2-3 hours after getting out of bed for the day. Resume normal routine after your specimen collection. Collect a midstream specimen of urine in the collection cup provided. Use the pipette to transfer urine from the collection cup to the transport tube. Fill the transport tube 3/4 full. A white disc is located in the transport tube to preserve the specimen. Write your name, time and date on the specimen label and circle “urine”. REFRIGERATE specimen until shipment. Ship the next morning.
Upon shipping, place all collection tubes back in test box and use UPS shipping label to seal the box closed. The results usually take about 3 weeks and will be forwarded to Dr McMinn.

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