Fundamental Tenants of Integrative Medicine at McMinn Clinic

*Integrative Medical Approach

-Start with a firm foundation in Traditional Western Medicine

-Expand the toolbox to include complimentary modalities.

-Build bridges by partnering with other providers in the community, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and nutritionists, instead of putting up walls and engaging in turf battles.

*Strong emphasis on Wellness and Prevention– with a focus on the basics (nutrition, exercise, detoxification, hormone balance, restorative sleep, etc.).  The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Give the body optimal support, so that it can begin the miracle of healing.

*Appreciation for biochemical individuality.  Each patient is unique as far as the therapies that might work best for him or her. The challenge is for the doctor and the patient to work together to find the optimal therapy for each patient.

*Optimization- sometimes “low normal” is not good enough.

*Treat the whole patient, not just the lab work or the tests.

*Mind/ Body/ Spirit– it’s all connected.

*Functional Medicine Approach- Look for  and treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms and the disease.

*Holistic Bias– If a problem can be treated with a natural approach, instead of drugs or surgery, I tend to prefer the natural approach.

*Doctor/ Patient relationship is a partnership, not a top down relationship.

-The patient is the “Captain of the Ship.”

-The doctor is the humble navigator.

*Personal Responsibility and Accountability:  Ultimately the patient is responsible for his/ her actions.

*Honest medicine: Minimize the influence of drug companies and insurance companies.

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