McMinn Clinic Supplement Policy

When McMinn Clinic first opened, we did not sell supplements. However,  we did often recommend supplements to our patients for wellness optimization, or as a part of an overall program to treat the patient’s condition. Subsequently we learned that many of  our patients were confused about where to purchase the products and which brands to buy.  They would frequently spend quite a bit of time in persuit of the products, end up with an inferior brand, and would not see the desired results.   It was frustrating, and time-consuming for the patients.

For that reason we decided to carry physician- grade products at McMinn Clinic under the following conditions:

*Dr. McMinn and the staff at McMinn Clinic are committed to never recommending a supplement for a patient, unless we sincerely feel the supplement may help the patient with his or her condition.

*When a supplement is recommended the patient is welcomed to say “no thank you.”

*If a supplement is recommended, the patient is free to choose to buy the products elsewhere. There is absolutely no pressure or expectation that the patient must by the product at McMinn Clinic.

This is our official policy and we do our best to adhere to the policy. With this policy in place, we feel that there is no more “conflict of interest” than one might find in other practices, such as a gastroenterologist who recommends a scope, or a surgeon who recommends surgery.

Research into nutrition, our commitment to offering physician- grade  products, and the convenience of one stop shopping  are part of what makes McMinn Clinic the “go to place for wellness.”

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  1. Mark Hancock says:

    I would like to know how to get to the online store to re-order some supplements. I have not been able to find a link on your home page.

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