Who We Are


Dr. McMinn:  “Birmingham’s Wellness Doctor”

Harvard has it.

Mayo Clinic has it.

And now thanks to Dr. McMinn, Birmingham has the same world class, evidence based, cutting edge Integrative Medicine.

Dr. McMinn is a Board Certified M.D. Physician with over 20 years of experience.  He has served in academic medicine on the faculties of Harvard University School of Medicine and Brown University Medical School.  He is currently an Assistant Professor at UAB School of Medicine.  He was the Medical Director of a large multidisciplinary medical center near Boston and he has served many years in the trenches of the emergency room as an ER Physician.

Now Dr. McMinn proudly leads a team of dedicated employees at McMinn Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, all focused on bringing you the best in Integrative Medicine.

The fundamental tenants of McMinn Clinic include:

*Patient focused. Respecting the individuality of each patient.

*Open minded: Willing to consider all possible modalities.

*Expanded toolbox of therapeutic modalities.

*Incorporates Mind/ Body/ Spirit healing.

*Evidence based and outcomes oriented.

*Functional Medicine approach: find and treat the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.

*A bias towards a more holistic approach to healing.

* An emphasis on Wellness and Prevention.

*Fosters collegial relationships with all health care providers traditional and alternative.

*An honest approach: divorced from the influence of drug companies and insurance companies.

*An emphasis on personal responsibility:  be the “captain of your ship.”

Let’s work together….to find what works for you.”

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