Who Are Our Typical Patients?

Many of our patients at McMinn Clinic are not “sick.”  They are just seeking a partner to help them achieve optimal health.  They choose to proactively stay “ahead of the game,” mentally and physically. Other patients come in with significant problems. They have often been to their “regular doctor” and they have just not seen the progress that they had hoped for. They are looking for a fresh look at things and often hoping to get to the root cause of their problems.

Some of the more common complaints we treat are:

One of the most common concerns we hear from patients is “I’m so tired of feeling tired!”  Fatigue affects every aspect of life.  Fatigue has many friends. It is often accompanied by weight gain, “brain fog,” aching in muscles and joints, low libido and poor sleep. The good news is that fatigue is a treatable disease. It may not be a quick fix, but with proper therapy approximately 90% of patients can feel significantly better. (See Fatigue Blog)

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy:
BHRT allows women and men an opportunity to replace vital hormones, not with artificial chemicals, but with hormones exactly like the ones already in their bodies. Hormone optimization can have a profound affect on overall health and the patient’s sense of wellbeing. The hormones are available in creams, capsules, injections and pellets. (See Blog section for multiple blogs on Hormones).

Hormone Pellets

Many women and men find that their lives are amazingly improved while on bio-identical hormone therapy. One of the exciting additions to our options for delivering hormone therapy is the insertion of estrogen and testosterone hormone pellets. Pellet insertion is done by Dr. McMinn and takes only a few minutes.   For most patients, the procedure is virtually painless. The pellets dissolve over time, and release a steady state of bio-identical hormones which lasts anywhere from 3-6 months. Most of our patients experience greatly improved symptoms and better quality of life while on the pellets.

Breast Health

Women are falsely lead to believe that they either get breast cancer or they don’t. It’s just luck of the draw. Nothing could be further from the truth. A study from Harvard showed a 20-30 percent reduction in breast cancer with regular exercise. Another study showed a significant reduction in breast cancer with a high fiber diet. At McMinn Clinic, we don’t wait until you get breast cancer before we start paying attention to your breast health. We have developed a breast health program which includes proper hormone balancing, a customized program of  targeted nutriceuticals, breast massage, and many other strategies for optimal breast health. Our patients often experience significant improvement in the quality of the breast tissue, with less tenderness, less inflammation, and less fibrocystic changes.

Breast Thermography
Women are able to choose a healthy addition to their breast health protocol by using Thermography at McMinn Clinic.  Thermography is a painless, radiation free, FDA approved screening tool to assess breast health.  Although we do not advocate removing mammograms completely from your protocol, we do believe thermography is a healthy adjunct to your breast health plan.

Weight Loss:
Whether it is ten pounds or sixty pounds, McMinn Clinic has helped many patients reach their weight loss goals.  We have many weight loss tools to choose from. Included in all plans are nutrition counseling, exercise and prescription help if needed. We look forward to partnering with you in your weight loss journey.

Healthy Sexuality and Libido Issues:
If you’re suffering with low libido, you’re not alone. Many men and women have these same concerns about their sexual and marital health. At McMinn Clinic we work with men and women with all aspects of healthy sexuality.  (See Healthy Sexuality Blog).

Low Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a condition that affects millions of Americans. Unfortunately it often goes undiagnosed, or under treated. This may result in years of struggle with low energy, weight gain, brain fog, depression, hair loss, infertility, and many other conditions. We see many such patients at McMinn Clinic and we evaluate their thyroid function. When clinically indicated by labs, and symptoms, we optimize thyroid function with appropriate thyroid medications.  (See low thyroid blog)

Hair Restoration

When a woman is losing her hair, we take it seriously. At McMinn Clinic we have developed a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary approach to hair restoration. We have the complete package, from hormone therapies, to nutritional therapies, topicals, and the advanced hair laser. (See Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Blog).

Yeast Overgrowth

Systemic yeast overgrowth is a subtle, yet potentially devastating illness.  It often stems from the combination of the modern American diet, along with the frequent use of antibiotics.  Symptoms may include sinusitis, irritable bowel, bloating, gas, brain fog, depression, weight gain, fatigue, and many more. At McMinn Clinic we have developed a comprehensive program to treat systemic yeast overgrowth based on therapies similar to those found in “The Yeast Connection” by Dr. William Crook, and “The Hidden Diagnosis” by  Dr. Orion Truss. If you suffer from yeast overgrowth, come see us at McMinn Clinic for an evaluation.   (See Yeast Overgrowth Blog).

Restorative Sleep

At McMinn Clinic we take sleep seriously.  We offer state-of-the-art home testing for sleep apnea. However, we don’t stop there. We look for and treat the underlying causes of poor sleep. Using a combination of natural sleep supplements, neurotransmitter modulators, hormone therapies, and sleep meds when indicated, we help our patients get a RESTORATIVE night’s sleep. (See Restorative Sleep Blog).

Brain Fog

“Brain Fog” is a term that we have adopted from our patients, since we have heard this complaint so many times. It is a descriptive term patients often use for loss of memory, fuzzy thinking, “scatter-brained,” or “where did I put my keys syndrome.”  Often the patients begin to wonder if they are starting to get Alzheimer’s disease, and wonder if they need a CT scan.  In most instances we can help our patients be sharp again by addressing the underlying causes of “brain fog.”

Men’s Health (Andropause)

Men don’t go through menopause, but we have our own issues to deal with concerning declining hormones. “Andropause” is a term often used to describe the loss of testosterone in men. This hormonal decline is not just about muscles and libido, but it also has implications for insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, mental clarity, and overall mortality.  At McMinn Clinic we treat “Grumpy Ol’ Man Syndrome,” and we help men get their mojo back. Testosterone replacement therapy can help him be the man he wants to be, the husband he wants to be, and the father he wants to be once again. (See multiple blogs on testosterone replacement therapy and “Grumpy Ol’ Man Syndrome”)

-Natural Osteoporosis Therapies (see osteoporosis blog)

Osteoporosis is a serious disease. It is often called “the silent killer.”  At McMinn Clinic, we have a proven program that has helped many of our patients improve their bone density without drugs. By using a combination of natural hormone therapies, nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, as well as other modalities we have been able to stop the progression of this devastating disease for many of our patients and we have actually demonstrated significantly improved bone density.

Other concerns addressed at McMinn Clinic include:

-Medical Acupuncture

-Integrative Therapies for Anxiety and Depression
-Advanced Nutritional Testing and Therapeutics
-IV Nutrition
-Heavy Metal Testing
-Chelation for heavy metal toxicity
-Detoxification (see detoxification blog)
-Breast Thermography
-Suboxone Therapy for Narcotic Addiction

“Let’s work together….to find what works for you.”

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