Skin Wellness- How to Maintain Your Beautiful Exterior

True story:  Her hands were cracked, dried, bleeding and painfully burning.  She had tried all of the usual over-the-counter remedies, and had been to 4 different dermatologists.  She had been placed on numerous prescription salves, and she had taken oral steroids and other medications.  Still she suffered for months on end with no relief.  Nothing … Continued


Osteoporosis (thinning bones) is one of the most dreaded diseases of women, and with just cause.  Like a silent killer it sneaks up on its victim without symptoms, until finally it becomes a potentially fatal disease. About 30 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis, 80% of whom are women.   In fact, in the United States nearly … Continued

Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome

“I never got better until they treated the yeast.”  I have heard this statement many times from patients suffering from various maladies such as headaches, brain fog, depression, irritable bowel, chronic sinusitis, weight gain, and fatigue. Due to the modern day world that we live in I am seeing more and more people suffering with … Continued

Grumpy Ol’ Man Syndrome

On a given day if you asked my wife, she might claim that they named the above medical syndrome after her own beloved husband. I must admit that I have my good days and bad days on the home front.  However, I take some comfort in knowing that I’m in good company. In fact, if … Continued

Feeling Fat, Fatigued, and Depressed; Think Low Thyroid

Many experts now agree that millions of  Americans are falling through the cracks when it comes to the diagnosis and management of low-thyroid conditions (hypothyroidism). Unfortunately, the lack of proper attention to this issue often results in the patient living a life of fatigue, low mood, struggles with obesity, and many other problems. Although the … Continued

“Good Health Starts in the Gut.”

As I reviewed the long list of initial symptoms, I was happy to hear the patient say that everything was “better, better, gone.” Dr. McMinn:  “How is the fatigue?” Patient: “It’s much better doctor.” Dr. McMinn:  “How is the brain fog and anxiety?” Patient:  “They’re also much better.” Dr. McMinn:  “How is the diarrhea?” Patient:  … Continued

Be The Captain of Your Ship

ER Doctor:  “What medications are you on Mrs. Jones?” Patient:  “I’m taking a blue pill, a red pill, and a yellow pill.” ER Doctor:  “What is the name of these pills?” Patient: ” I don’t know.” ER Doctor:  “What are you taking them for?” Patient: ” I don’t know, my doctor just told me to.” I … Continued

Fatigue: A Treatable Disease

Out west the ol’ cowboys might say, “my get up and go  has done got up and went”.  In the east they may complain of “demininsed Qi”.  Whereever you go, east or west, fatigue is  one ot fhe most  common complaints voiced in the doctor’s office.  Fatigue can be mild and nagging or it can … Continued

Listening……….The Most Powerful Tool in Medicine

A wise and experienced medical school professor once said “listen to the patient, they will tell you what is wrong with them.” As profound as his words were, it took me many years to really “get it.” We in the medical profession tend to drink from the cool-aid of high-tech tests, gadgets, and procedures. They’re … Continued

Your Weakest Link

“……..a chain is only as strong as your weakest link. So what’s your weakest link? At the end of the day, what’s going to get you? And just as importantly, what can you do to improve your odds?