“Good Health Starts in the Gut. “

This saying had been around for many years, and we in the medical community, have finally figured out that it is true, and it is profound. For so many years, it was thought of as quack medicine to recommend probiotics, much less fermented and cultured foods.  Such matters as “leaky gut” were thought of as mere crazy, radical, left-wing theories from “alternative” medical providers.  However, the pendulum has suddenly swung in the other direction, and the gut microbiome has become one of the hottest topics in all of medicine.

Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from gut problems.

They range from the ubiquitous constipation, and diarrhea, to IBS, and inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.   The root causes of such diseases include genetics, diet, stress, toxins, allergies, infection, and the use of antibiotics.   These root causes result in issues such as poor digestion,  dysbiosis (alterations of the gut flora), and intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut).  Proper treatment therefore must take into consideration all of these causes in order to bring about an optimal outcome.

It is also important to realize that gut health is not just about the gut. There is a gut-brain connection, a gut- skin connection, a gut- bone connection, a gut- heart connection, a gut- every cell in your body connection. In the case of the gut-brain connection it is a two way street.  Mental stress adversely affects the gut, while gut problems also affect brain health issues.   Autoimmune disease is particularly linked to gut health. To paraphrase Dr. Elizabeth Lipsky, when you’ve been to four or more doctors for a problem, then the root cause of the problem probably lies in your gut.

At McMinn Clinic we have developed the “Six Step Gut Health Program” to help our patients overcome their gut health problems.  We customize the program for each patient.   Many of our patients have experienced fabulous outcomes with our gut health program.

Follow your “gut feeling” and come see us at McMinn Clinic.