The Infusion Program at the McMinn Clinic

The Infusion Program at The McMinn Clinic

“IV Vitamin therapy has saved my life.” says patient Nancy Labriola. Many of our patients agree with Nancy. IV nutritional therapy has helped many of our patients overcome their various illnesses, or to achieve optimal wellness. IV nutritional therapy has been especially successful for our patients with fatigue and fibromyalgia. It also may be very helpful for patients who suffer from poor digestion due to conditions such as Celiac disease.

Ginger Otts-Fulmer, Infusion Coordinator/Nurse works closely with Dr. McMinn to determine the optimal IV for the patient and to monitor treatment.  Ginger has worked as a nurse for many years and is an excellent sticker.

Some of the more common IVs include:

Myer’s Cocktail (A vitamin and nutrient cocktail given for fatigue and fibromyalgia)

IV Vitamin C

Stress IV

IV Glutathione which may help with energy and detoxification.

Heavy Metal Detoxification with Chelation.

For more information about IV Therapy, or to schedule an appointment, call McMinn Clinic at 205-868-1313.

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