The core principles of my integrative wellness medicine practice at McMinn Clinic, such as prevention and optimal wellness apply equally to men and women.  Likewise, the tools that we use to accomplish these principles such as sound nutrition, exercise, restorative sleep, weight management, stress reduction, and hormone optimization also apply equally to both sexes (see the “Pyramid of Wellness” under the Prevention Tab).  Ultimately, men and women want the same thing. They both want to live a long, happy, and healthy life.  However, studies show that women are much more likely to seek help for their medical concerns than are men. To a certain degree, men tend to be in a state of denial when it comes to their health concerns.

Men grace my doorstep at McMinn Clinic  for many reasons.  Often they come in kicking and screaming because their wives made them come in. It’s an act of love. Some come in with specific concerns such as low energy, weight gain, loss of mental sharpness, lack of libido, or erectile dysfunction.  I find that many men are ticking time bombs, with heart attacks waiting to happen. Some want to get off some of their prescription meds with the accompanying unwanted side effects. Finally, others just want to focus on prevention, and be the best that they can be in mind, body, and spirit.

Whatever the reason, I am always happy to see the guys come in; because I know that I can make a big difference in their quality of life. With these men, I frequently find myself using the old Titanic- iceberg scenario.  The iceberg often has a name on it such as “heart attack,” “diabetes,” or “stroke.”   If these men don’t change course disaster will certainly strike.  However, if we work together as partners to develop a customized plan for optimization, we can often miss the iceberg completely, and sail into calm clear waters with vibrant living ahead.

Loss of libido is another common complaint that I hear from the guys. This may also be accompanied by erectile dysfunction. I find that with men and with women, sex drive is a subset of “life drive.”  In the vast majority of these men we can help them get their energy back and be vibrant players again in their relationships and in the game of life.

So call McMinn Clinic today at 205-868-1313 so we can help you get going on the path to optimal wellness. Change your paradigm.  Embrace the path of vibrant living. Let’s work together to help you be that best that you can be.