Nutrition is the key to optimal wellness. A nutrition evaluation and consultation is useful in managing many different conditions: improving skin conditions; enhancing energy and performance; weight loss; improving sleep; enhancing immune system; optimizing the blood sugar and many more!

Jennifer Carter received her B.S. in Nutrition from the University of Alabama. She is a licensed and registered dietitian with over 13 years experience. She has helped countless patients achieve their personal health goals through one on one counseling. For the past nine years she has worked as a Wellness Coach with Berkeley HeartLab and helped patients with cardiovascular nutrition, diabetes, and overall health. She provides patients with nutritional therapy/counseling using the most proven and current, evidence based methods. Jennifer’s passions include jogging, helping patients live healthier, and her family.

She gives clients personalized nutritional advice that can help them with various disease states, or nutritional and performance/energy issues. Jennifer can work with you in person or over the phone. She also provides grocery store tours at the  local grocery store of your choice. Jennifer will help you shop for the best products to buy for you and your family, learn how to de-code food labels, and make healthy shopping quicker and easier.

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