Preventative Care at McMinn Clinic

Preventive care starts with attention to the “foundations of wellness.” The modern medical paradigm emphasizes diagnosis and treatment, usually with drugs and surgery. One might call this approach “sick care.” However, at McMinn clinic we turn this medical model on its head and work with the patient as partners in order to build a firm foundation of wellness with an emphasis on prevention. This is true “health care.”

McMinn Clinic offers the total package for prevention and wellness. We’ve got you covered when it comes to advanced diagnostics and therapeutics. Dr. McMinn and his staff emphasize the foundations of wellness as follows:

Positive Mental Attitude– We have counseling and hypnotherapy to help our patients move forward mentally and spiritually as we “optimize” their bodies.

Hormone balancing– We are the experts in hormone and neurotransmitter balancing with natural bio-identical hormones. We are evidence based and outcomes oriented. After getting on a customized hormone program, most of our patients feel much better and are healthier in the process.

Maintaining ideal body weight– We have a very successful weight loss program, which helps our patients achieve and maintain their ideal body weight.

Energy Medicine– Dr. McMinn is the “energy doctor.” He specializes in the art and science of treating fatigue and optimizing energy. He utilizes proven scientifically based programs in order to help his patients to achieve abundant energy.

Nutrition– we offer advanced nutritional testing, and we help the patient develop a customized nutritional program with a personalized diet, and with the finest available supplements. We believe that optimal nutrition is one of the most important aspects of a sound prevention program. We also utilize targeted nutritional supplementation successfully as a powerful therapeutic tool to help our patients overcome many of their medical problems.

Sleep– We have an aggressive sleep program with state of the art testing and treatment for sleep disorders. We test all of the major factors that tend to keep patients awake such neurotransmitters, melatonin levels, cortisol levels, and excitatory hormone imbalance. We also do cost effective in-home testing for sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and quality of sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation is a major problem, and may lead to many other unwanted symptoms. We view quality sleep as a serious issue. We have many tools in our toolbox, and we are usually very successful in getting our patients a better night’s sleep.

*Regular exercise– Dr. McMinn counsels his patients on exercise and we have many personal trainer partners throughout the area to help our patient achieve their exercise goals.

*Detoxification– We offer toxin testing and many varieties of detoxification, including IV chelation when appropriate.

*Stress reduction– We offer many options for stress reduction; biofeedback, counseling, hypnosis, and therapeutic nutritionals, just to name a few.

*Quality relationships and healthy sexuality– we have trained and dedicated staff to help men, women, and couples achieve loving, intimate satisfying sexual relationships. People who remain sexually active live longer. Healthy sexuality is a vital part of an overall prevention program. It’s good for you, for your partner, and for your marriage.

*Addiction medicine– we have a complete program for outpatient addiction management. One cannot achieve wellness if he/she is suffering with addiction. We have a state of the art Suboxone program to help our patients overcome narcotic addiction. We also have expert counselors and targeted nutritional supplementation.

*Anti-Aging Medicine– By focusing on the fundamentals of wellness, Dr. McMinn helps each patient achieve their optimal potential, no matter what their age is. After treatment, many patients feel and look younger than they have in many years.

As you can see, at McMinn Clinic we don’t just “talk the talk” as far as prevention and wellness, we “walk the walk” with successful, dedicated, state of the art programs.

Give us a call today at 868-1313. Let us help you get on the “path to wellness.”