Sexual Health

Human Sexuality is a complex and important subject. Many of the patients I interact with on a daily basis, men and women, struggle with this aspect of their lives. Intimacy and sexuality can bring us great joy and comfort when things are going well, but when problems arise, sexual dysfunction, including low libido, may also have tragic effects on marriages and relationships.

As a physician, I have found through the years that medical providers are quick to ask a man about erectile dysfunction. It is quick and easy to get out the prescription pad and write for the little blue pill. However, we rarely address women’s intimacy issues. We generally don’t ask, and when it does come up, we have few solutions to offer.

At McMinn Clinic, we ask the questions and we have the answers. We have embraced healthy sexuality as an overall important aspect of general wellness. We have a full time counselor who is skilled in counseling men, women, and couples in issues of sex and intimacy. We address issues of vaginal health and pain with intercourse in women, and erectile issues in men. We optimize hormones with bio-identical hormones which may play a major role in enhancing libido. We make this a priority for our patients and a vast majority of them report a much improved love life with our therapy.

For many couples, sex is more about priorities than it is about genitals. Through counseling with Dr. McMinn, Nurse Practitioner Renee Naugher, and our Certified Counselor Donna Mullinax, we help our patients        re-ignite the passions of intimacy in order to improve their relationships and enhance overall wellness.

Perhaps the number one cause of lack of desire is low energy or outright fatigue. Dr. McMinn is THE energy doctor. Often with his program of energy renewal, our patients find that the libido also returns.

Generally with men and women, where there is a will, there is a way. At McMinn Clinic, we help our patients identify their own specific sexual issues, and we work with them to develop a customized program to enhance their intimate lives.

As a wellness doctor, it is clear that people who remain intimate are generally healthier and live longer. Healthy robust sexuality is our birthright, and there is no reason to believe that we have to leave this behind as we grow older.


Join us for our Monthly”Intimacy and Me” FREE seminars. We meet on the 1st Monday of every month. Please check the Upcoming Events Page to confirm we will be meeting – or call the office at 205-868-1313.

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