Suboxone ® Program at McMinn Clinic
Are you “tired of the chase?” So many of our patients have made this statement at their initial appointment – many with a sigh of relief.  Finally, they have found a place that can offer hope and healing.  At McMinn Clinic, we realize that we are all potentially one step away from having to deal with issues such as pain or addiction.  We are not here to judge, or to dwell in the past.   We have participated in the Suboxone ® program since 2008, and have been very pleased that the program has helped so many of our patients find a new balance and the clear-mindedness to work toward recovery.  We are aware that opioid addiction is so much more than a chronic medical condition.  We recognize that critical, life-sustaining relationships have suffered, careers have been jeopardized, education has been put on hold, personal and public safety has been threatened, and that personal integrity and self-esteem have diminished.  But there is hope.  We are here to be your partner in moving forward to a brighter future.
What is Suboxone ® film?  Suboxone film is a discreet and effective treatment for opioid dependence.   The medication in the tiny orange, rectangular film is absorbed into the bloodstream through the blood vessels under your tongue (sublingual).  Each film is individually wrapped in a unit-dose, child-resistant envelope.  Suboxone ® film is designed to help control your physical symptoms of withdrawal as well as your cravings, thus freeing you to focus on rebuilding your life.
How does the program work?   Suboxone ® treatment will begin in our office, and then the sublingual film can be taken at home, discreetly and without interrupting your daily life.  Each office visit will include a urine drug screen, a check-up with a review of your vital signs, and a visit with the provider.  Your services and requirements may change, depending on your needs, your compliance, and your progress.
Why McMinn Clinic?  At McMinn Clinic, we strongly believe in the connection between body, mind and spirit, and further believe that each of these aspects of your well-being must be addressed.  We advocate accountability and your strong commitment to your own success.  We offer a number of services at the clinic that may contribute to your recovery, such as acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and behavioral counseling.  Accordingly, we have an acupuncturist, a registered dietitian and a licensed professional counselor (who specializes in addiction) on staff to help you as needed.  We strongly advocate individual counseling for opioid addiction, because it can help you identify triggers and high-risk situations that may lead to relapse.  Research has shown that those who actively participate in counseling are more likely to be successful in the difficult challenge of overcoming opioid dependence or addiction.
Take that all-important first step and call 205-868-1313 today for yourself or a loved one to find out more about the program. We’ll get you right in, and we’ll help you get started on the road to a better life. You can do it, with the Suboxone Film Program.
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