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Low Libido- a treatable condition

One of the more common concerns I hear from my patients at McMinn Clinic is “low libido.” Not infrequently it is the main reason for coming in. Patients remember the way they used to feel, and they would like to have that “mojo” back again.  Studies show that about two thirds of women are not satisfied with their sexual relationships. We physicians are quick to prescribe the “little blue pill” for the guys, but unfortunately we are sometimes dreadfully slow to help the women with their sexual health needs.  According to the mainstream medical journal American Family Physician “doctors must assume a proactive role in the diagnosis and treatment of these disorders” (female sexual dysfuntion).

At McMinn Clinic we have committed our staff, resources, and expertise to helping women in the area of healthy libido. It’s important to for the woman, her partner, her relationship, and her health. As a “wellness doctor” I have come to realize that healthy sexuality contributes to overall mind/body/spirit wellness.

The three main areas of concern are desire, arousal, and orgasm. More commonly I find that a woman has low desire, but when she gets around to it she is able to get aroused and have an orgasm. The most common cause of low desire is fatigue, followed by stress and kids. Alternatively, other women may find that they have plenty of desire, but that they are not able to achieve orgasm. This is usually a treatable condition. Some women struggle in all three areas.

Another common concern which often affects the sexual experience is pain with intercourse. This can be a deal breaker. Who wants to engage in any activity which causes pain? Thereto, this is usually a treatable condition.

Human sexuality is a complex phenomenon. Certainly it is different for women and men, as it is also unique to each individual. Issues to be considered include relationship issues, poor communication, medications, alcohol, drugs, technique, hormones, fatigue, kids, stress, lack of body knowledge, poor self-image, body image issues, programming, values, upbringing, poor lubrication, poor sleep, illness, painful intercourse, and decreased sensation. As with men, it’s difficult for women to have a robust libido if they have low hormones, especially testosterone. Studies have shown that women who are low on testosterone, have improvement in interest, arousal, and orgasm when properly supplemented to optimal levels.

As our relationships mature, perhaps the most important aspect of healty sexuality is making intimacy a priority in your life. Somehow we find time for all of the other important things in our lives. The trash gets taken out, and the dishes get washed. Somehow we must find time and energy for our partners and for intimacy. Loving for life: make it a priority. Get that spark back in your life. We can help.

Bottom line: In most cases, low libido is a treatable condition. All 4 areas: pain with intercourse, interest, arousal, and orgasm can usually improve significantly with proper treatment.  Come see us, we can help.

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P.S. We can help your husband too!

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  1. Anne Woody says:

    Does BC/BS insurance cover any of this?

  2. mcminnclinic says:

    Hi Anne,
    We do not accept insurance, but we do give you the information you need to file for reimbursement.

    Thank you,
    McMinn Clinic