Due to the modern day world that we live in I am seeing more and more people suffering with yeast overgrowth.  Old fashioned doctors used to say that “good health starts in the gut.”  I think that they were right.

Poor gut health can manifest itself in many ways.  Ideally we have an perfect balance in our guts with  good bacteria, bad bacteria, and yeast.  It is a symbiotic relationship. We can not live without our friends  the “good bacteria.” Yet the modern American lifestyle tends to promote poor gut health. The standard American diet (or SAD diet) is full of sugar, simple carbs, and processed food, which is not good for the body, but which is ideal for the overgrowth of yeast.  Yeast loves to feed off of sugar.  When you combine this with the overuse of antibiotics in our society, it makes for a toxic environment in our guts, and that is often the beginning of a slippery slope to worsening health.

According to the excellent book by Birmingham native Dr. Orian Truss, M.D.  called “The Missing Diagnosis” yeast overgrowth may be associated with many symptoms and illnesses such as depression, mood changes, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, headaches, learning problems, cystitis, and sinus infections, as well as many other disorders.  I have personally seen many such patients and I have heard the phrase over and over “I went to doctor after doctor, and I never got better until they treated the yeast.”

Chronic sinusitis is a classic example. We go to the doctor with a stuffy nose, and the standard response is to start antibiotics.  However, according to the Mayo Clinic “fungus (yeast) is the likely cause of nearly all of these problems.”  So in the long run, if we don’t treat the yeast, the antibiotics kill the bacteria, promote more yeast overgrowth and they can actually make the problem worse.

At McMinn Clinic we have Yeast Overgrowth Syndrome on our radar screen, and when appropriate we get after yeast with a comprehensive and robust anti-fungal protocol. We have been blessed with many testimonials from our patients with stories of recovery, and thanking us for treating the yeast.

Another excellent resource on this topic is the book “The Yeast Connection” by William Crook, M.D.

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  1. Lakesha Sails says:

    I would love to find out more about the yeast. How much do this cost and how long do you have to do it?

  2. mcminnclinic says:

    That is a big question. The best way to get info is to call and speak to our front office staff. They are very knowledgable and can get you the pricing you are interested in. Thank you for your interest.

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